Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Chill Out Time

Once again, it has been ages since I last blogged - two weeks to be precise. Far too long. Why does work have to get in the way? Not this week it's not anyway, as I am on my October holiday although have been pretty exhausted most of it so far and have been taking it easy for once. The last three weeks have definitely caught up with me big time and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was literally on my knees. Anyway, feeling bit better now apart from having a dreadful cold (aaargh) and have been catching up with everyones blogs and trying to ignite some inspiration. I'm sitting tonight colouring some fab new stamps I bought from Spiral Whisper by the terrific designers Christine Dark and Janet Roberts and can't wait to get creative with them. I admire their work constantly and I just had to make a start with collecting some of them, I have many more on my wish list! I can hear Santa calling. I also bought the "Royal Mail" Penny Black stamp and have been busy inking that up too - I couldn't resist as I have seen this stamp so often when blog hopping recently. I had planned to have more Christmas cards made by now but same old story - plans don't happen as I want them to!

I recently took part in a Magnolia swap recently on Splitcoast Stampers which was organised by my SBS sister Monica and received lots of great images a few weeks ago. Thanks Monica! I'm looking forward to having a play with those too and maybe getting a scrapbook page or two completed too!

I love receiving new images to play with, well don't we all? Just wondering if there are any crafters out there who would like to participate in a wee swap? Let me know if you do!

Hope to post again tomorrow! Here's hoping!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Lucky day!

Can't believe how long it has been since I last posted - seems like forever! Life has been so hectic and busy and I am gearing up for two long evenings of parents nights on Wednesday and Thursday this week, it always seems like you've run a marathon by the time you stop. On top of that we have also had a pretty horrendous situation happen this week. On Wednesday night we were plagued by Juvenile delinquents who were up to no good and for some reason targeted our house by running through our garden and banging on our windows. This happened 3 times in a row 15 minutes apart until the fourth time, a 14 year old girl decided that she would instead throw a very large stone at our patio door and it smashed to smithereens! They didn't bank on us catching them red-handed, well two out of the five anyway. The police very promptly came and took them away as we had already called them earlier on the night to say what a nuisance they were being. We also managed to get the other three names out of the two girls that we caught and the police think that they will have enough to press charges. I hope so anyway if there is any justice in the world. We live in a lovely area, or so I thought, and have done so for the last seven years without a problem. We now feel a bit on edge in our own house which is really horrible, as they may come back. We found out the next day that two other houses in the same vicinity had their patio doors smashed too, so we weren't the only target, not that that makes us feel any better. And to top it all we will have to pay an excess on our home insurance of £50. Anyway, enough of that!

I was so happy when I came onto my blog this morning and saw a lovely message from Jakki to say that I had won a little prize in her blog candy competition. This raised my spirits instantly as I never win anything normally. I can't tell you how happy it made me feel, so a big thank you to Jakki. Go and visit her blog if you've never visited below, it's fabby.

The weather has been atrocious here today. After Lewis had been for his weekly swimming lesson this morning, we went to do some shopping and get some bits and pieces in Costco. While I was there, I came across this great Scrapbooking Gift Set for £25, a cracking buy so I just couldn't resist and thought that I'd indulge to make myself feel a bit better!

This is what was included:

Scrapbooking organiser
8" x 8" Scrapbook
8.5" x 11" scrapbooK
36 scrapbooking papers
3 paper edgers
26 chipboard alphabet letters
24 buttons
92 glitter stickers
10 chipboard embellishments
160 assorted brads
6 woven labels
180 paper flower embellishments
10 feet of decorative ribbons
17 feet fibres
1 metal bucket

Hope to be back later tonight!