Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy Birthday Debbi!

My lovely blogging buddy Debbi is celebrating her birthday today and has some fab candy up for grabs. Go and check it out and wish her a very happy birthday while you are there!

Happy Birthday Debbi! Hope you've had a great day!

Debbi also tagged me yesterday along with Jenny. You have to find the 6th folder in your picture folder and then select the 6th photo. So I did! Voila!

This picture is of Lewis playing in his bouncy castle in the garden on one of the few good days we had in the summer! Seems like such a long time ago now!

I now have to tag 6 people to do the same so I am going to tag:


Well, I'm off to get Lewis to bed and get stuck into marking, planning, making resources, creating dances, ..........the list is endless. A teacher's work is never done, well not mines anyway! I'm very naughty even being on here in the first place!


Libby said...

Hey Lainy!

How's it going?
I love the pic that you got! Thanks for tagging me. I've put mine on my blog so check it out.


weewiccababe said...

thanks Lainy

Wee Hels said...

Hi Lainy - great to see you getting time to update your blog - good to keep up with you! I've left you something on my blog - please pop over and have a wee look!


Hi Lainy good to see you about again hunny. THank you for the words on my blog today, much appreciated. What a gorgeous photo of your baby!!! hugs Linda x

Kath said...

gorgeous pic of Lewis...but we are so missing you on your blog...hugs Kath xxxx

Sammi said...

Gorgeous pic of Lewis.. what a cutie!
Hope you are getting your work done OK! Hope you get some time to do stuff for you! :)
Thanks for tagging me ... will put it up this afternoon!

kim-paperbabe said...

Hi hun, I hope you're not over doing it with your teaching position tee hee a little blurfing is sure to relax I know... seem to do quite a bit myself but sorry haven't been to you for a while, on my round's and I haven't forgotten my stamping offer you'll probably really do with them now, just send me list and I will Def' get in the post to you! HuGs Kim x

kim-paperbabe said...

oops after writing first essay forgot to mention what a cutie Lewis is, how adorable!

Sue said...

Hi Lainy, good to hear from you. Hope you're managing to get some work done.

Lovely photo of Lewis. Thanks for the tag, I'll pop it onto my blog later. Sue.x

Mel said...

Hi Lainey, love your cute photo, thanks for tagging me ~ Mel

weewiccababe said...

Hi Lainy,
have left a wee something on my blog for you too