Monday, 16 February 2009


Went to the Strictly Come Dancing Tour last night at the SECC in Glasgow and it was an amazing show. We had a great night. The celebrity dancers did an amazing job - Jodie Kidd, Tom Chambers, Rachel Stevens, Jill Halfpenny, Julian Clary, Gethin Jones, Kenny Logan and Cherie Lunghi as did the professionals. Kenny & Ola got the Scottish vote and won, although I wanted Rachel & Vincent to win as they were my favourites from this series and I was gutted when they didn't win as she is such an amazing dancer and is perfectly suited with Vincent. They did their tango and rhumba which were brilliant to watch, even better than watching it on tele. Jill and Darren were also amazing last night, I loved them in Series 2 (you can tell that I am a die hard strictly fan) and was beside myself when they did their famous jive. It was absolutely amazing. Julian Clary was hilarious, he had the crowd in stitches, the tears were strolling down my face at several points when he was dancing and giving the judges as good as they were getting him. At one point Arlene commented at how "puffed out" he was, to which he replied: "Well, what do you expect when I've just delivered a world class salsa!" His diamond encrusted maracas were shimmying more than he was, put it that way!! Anyway, won't bore you much longer. If you have never been and are a fan of the show, I'd definitely recommend it. You won't be disappointed. Here are some of the many pics that I took (I took well over 200!). Bit keen I know!!

The lovely Denise has given me a friendship award which was really lovely of her. I'm honoured and going to pass it onto the following people:


I'm so lucky to have met some wonderful friends through crafting since I begun my blog last Easter and could choose many people to award this to. I've chosen these 5 people as I really appreciate their friendship and they constantly visit my blog and leave such lovely comments which brighten my day, so thank you girls. You're all stars!

Mar and Debbi, my fabulous blogging buddies tagged me last week challenging me to list 20 random tags about myself. It is definitely a challenge and they sure will be random, so here goes:

1. I am a qualified dancing teacher in tap and modern dance.
2. I love Sugar Nellie stamps and now have quite a few in my collection!
3. My favourite alcoholic drink is souther comfort, lemonade and a hint of lime.

4. I've just discovered that I'm a fan of Flake ice-cream.
5. My dancing idol is Michael Flatley, if only I could tap like him!

6. I can never remember jokes.

7. I would love to live in New York (my favourite city in the world)

8. I'd love to learn how to use Photoshop so that I could do digi-scrapping
9. I had guitar lessons as a young child and wish that I had never given up!
10. I'd love to learn how to play the piano well. Maybe one day!

11. I'm going on a hot air balloon ride in the summer which Santa brought me - always wanted
to do this.
12. I'd love to go to Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.

13. I hate pineapple, coffee, cabbage and rude people.

14. I'm a tea jenny!
15. I love dancing, swimming , reading, crafting and researching my family tree.
16. I'll be married for 8 years this July.

17. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, some of my favourites being banoffee pie, apple crumble,
macaroon, tablet and white chocolate.
18. I love Mexican food, my honeymoon was in Mexico.

19. I love going on holiday somewhere hot, lying beside the pool or on the beach and reading lots of books.
20. I hate Daddy Longlegs, I panic if there are any in the house and no one is on hand to get rid of them.

I'm now going to tag: Libby, Hels, Stacey, Joana and Monica.

My new Whiff of Joy Spring Stamp club kit stamps arrived this morning and they are gorgeous, well worth the wait! I have already stamped them and have been colouring some of them tonight so hope to post what I make with them soon!

My lovely blogging buddy Nikki is celebrating her blogoversary by offering some fabulous candy. I'm quite sure that you are all acquainted with Nikki as she is such a sweet person and is sooo talented. I constantly visit her site to drool over her wonderful creations and see what she has been getting up to. Head over to her blog and say hello if you've never been. You'll be returning over and over again, I can promise you. You can enter her blog candy until 24th February. Go on, get yourself over there.

Will be back tomorrow with some other things I have made recently and perhaps some of the things I get done during the remainder of tonight. I still have a 30th birthday card to make! I'm sitting her tonight so relaxed blogging, colouring and having a glass of wine. So civilised!!! If only every evening could be like this, well I can but dream! Only during the holidays!!

See you tomorrow


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Thank you so much sweetie and I am so happy you have passed this award to me. Great photo's from the tour and glad you had a great night, Thanks for posting my candy on your blog and good luck! Big Hugs, Nikki x

Kath said...

thanks so much for the award Lainy and it's great to have you back in bloggy land and let's hope it last longer than the hols.
Hugs kath xxxxx

Manda said...

Oh you are sooo jammy would have loved to have been there last night!

That is soo kind of you to offer me some stamped images, that would be great. I need to practice lol

Kelly Schelske said...

Great photos from the dance tour Lainy, it looked like fun!! Congrats on the awards too!!

Hugs, Kelly

Mar G said...

Aw thank you SO much for the lovely award & kind words Lainy made me smile!
Pleased you loved the 'Strictly' tour....Great pics.
Hope you have a good week back at school ;-)
Let me know what day or when is best for you to come up to WC, I'm at home all the time just now, can't go far with all my aches & pains!
Hear from you soon - Thanks again Love Mar x

weewiccababe said...

thanks for the award Lainy, love the pics - looks like it was great fun. Am still waiting for my Whiff of Joys, its driving me nuts

Sammi said...

Awesome photos and THANKS for the sweet/ lovely award!!
Thanks for your friendship :) *BIGhugs*